July 16, 2014

NEW Lou Mars Song (Released as a Single) "Me and She" Moves up the Charts

Sales and Airplay of the NEW single "Me and She" put Lou Mars band at #10 Worldwide and 8th Nationally!

Thank you for listening to NEW Original Music!

Click Here --> to listen to "Me and She"

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July 15, 2014

Lou Mars Releases a NEW Single "Me and She"

Me and She

The lights are low, it's time to go
I spill my mind into the glow
You said to me you enjoyed the show
Little did you know I was alone

Me and she, are we, are us

You said I drove too fast, then slow
I said, “you talked too much,” you said, “I know”
The moon was bright, it was light and full
We reached the oceans end at the cliff-side below

Me and she, are we, are us

We stood cliff-side, the ocean called our names
We held hands as we leaped to our fate
The ocean crashed, our life’s would flow
Out to sea, our Love did float

Me and she, are we, are us

Lyrics and Music by Lou Mars
Recorded for the upcoming CD release “Five” due out in 2015
All instruments recorded and performed by Lou Mars

July 14, 2014
Story by Lou Mars

Lou Mars Band Otter Rock Cafe April 2014

A full dance floor moves to the Lou Mars Band performing the Clash cover "Should I Stay or Should I Go" featuring Jonal Clauff on guitar/vocals, David Chock on Bass and Lou Mars on Drums/Vocals. Footage captured by Mike Kirby April 2014 http://youtu.be/q0qwYMaxqis — at Otter Rock Cafe.

July 08, 2014
Story by Lou Mars

Back on Track...

Recording NEW original scratch tracks that will be provided exclusively to my email newsletter fans August thru Oct 2014

July 07, 2014
Story by Lou Mars

Three years ago today at 3pm I died,

....while riding North up Highway 1 on my custom Harley Davidson. At least that's what the life flight EMTs that arrived with the body bag to pick up my remains; from the head on collision with a SUV were thinking.

Initially I was told I would never walk again let alone perform on the drums.

I am thankful today that I completed another year of performances, by which I walked up to my drum set for every show.

--Lou Mars

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