August 28, 2014

August 24, 2014

ReverbNation Critics Tear Into "Spaghetti Romance"

"Spaghetti Romance"
Lou Mars Band
ReverbNation Crowd Reviews are "Random" WorldWide Non Genre based individuals that listen, then review your song. Such a review is the ultimate test as there is no relation, and it is anonymous on the listeners part. In addition, their desired preferred genre could be completely different than the aritst being reviewed. As a result the comments made can be very direct and raw.

This week the RN Crowd review listened to and commented on the Lou Mars Band single "Spaghetti Romance" a song inspired by old Clint Eastwood Westerns and 70s disco.


fter first listening to the first 10 seconds of this track I was immediately captivated by this track. I would definitely buy this track off iTunes and I think this has a lot of hit potential, and commercial potential."
The introduction is really atmospheric and some good digital effects at the beginning of it, before the musical arrangement kicks in with the power and force of a hurricane. It really leads into the song in the best way; naturally. The vocals are so unique that they really grab the attention of the listener, and they just mesh with the powerful music so well. The tone is rich and almost monotone; but it sounds right and just seems to fit perfectly. The melody of the vocals is memorable and catchy, and the strength is consistent throughout. The originality of the vocals makes up for the slightly less strong lyrics. There is a solid beat throughout the track, and added musical elements which intrigue the listener on a whole."
The song start with a piano playing as a background and then open to a attractive vocal mixed with the involvement of saxophone that give us more of the classy and gain more interesting for the song. The melodies are remarkable and tuned. Keep the good work! bravo!!"
"The song lacks that impressive introduction that is needed to keep the listener's attention from the beginning, but it does help to lead into the song in what seems to be a naturally progressive sort of way. It does create a pleasant atmosphere and a memorable rhythm from the start. The vocals are raw and edgy and are just what the market audience need to hear these days. There is a nice melody that plays throughout the song, which sticks in the listeners mind. Alongside this, there has been a lot of effort put into the music itself- that is clear. There appear to have been nice digital sounds heard here too, which creates a more modern and futuristic listening environment. "
The lyrics are good and catchy. They make sense and are clear. The trumpet was a good edition. It made me interested. The voice was clear. The ending was good. It closed the song off. The beginning held my attention. It was not similar to other songs. The middle had my attention by using the trumpet. Very catchy."

I thought the way the piano came together with the drums was a neat new sound. I liked the singers voice and the story he was sharing through his singing. The horn instrument was also a new sound to integrate into this type of song, which works and sounds awesome."
"That is a nice 3 to 5 note start to the piano. It is kind of catchy. It kind of makes you want to hear what is next, but does not sell me all the way as something that I am totally going to like. I think the trumpets on this song are cool. I think I would like to hear more melodies from these instruments though. The singer has a pretty cool voice in a unique way."

This song is mad nice. and makes me cry every time. I listen to it I mean like a ball of cries. The piano is good and the vocals are mad nice. The lyrics. are deep and meaningful. loved the artist. and the album cool."

The form of this tune started out really strong though the melody was very quite and smooth. I thought that the sequence of chords that were put together progressed upwards gradually, making the sounds really cool and unusual. I liked the different array of instruments used in this tone, setting the song apart from other songs out there that may use instruments besides the guitar, drums and piano. Not a bad hit overall."

"The piano melody at the beginning has a nice melodic arrangement. It sound like something you would hear playing in scary song. The "Duh duh duh" vocal have a amusing sound what would make this song appealing to a younger crowd of listeners. The trumpets gives the song a discipline sound."

"Introduction is slow to come in, but I like the eerie sound effects, and piano playing in the instrumentals, vocals are ok, they blend well with the tone. and mood of the song. Overall I think the band has talent and potential, and I like the uniqueness and individuality of the song, melody is catchy and pulls you in, song gets better the more you hear, I liked it, very quirky entertaining song."

Beautiful piano tones are heard. A longer intro is available here. the singer, his voice is long drawn and makes his voice really interesting. It is very dark and smoky."
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August 18, 2014

August 08, 2014

Madness Takes It's Toll -> New Lou Mars Band website at: #mobileandtabletfriendly

August 02, 2014

Lou Mars Band

New Song: Spaghetti Romance

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August 01, 2014

Lou Mars 1990 Meets Guardians of the Galaxy 2014


/\ Photo Above Left to Right -> The 1990 PODs ( Formerly the ICONS) -> Avram Adams | Lou Mars | Mike Meitner | James Gunn

Lou Mars 1990 Meets Guardians of the Galaxy 2014

1990 – Lou Mars performs with lead vocalist James Gunn who is currently in 2014 ,facing one of the biggest weekends of his life with the release of his directed and co-written movie release “Guardians of the Galaxy.”


I am proud of Jim, he has worked hard and swung hard, and now he has hit it out of the park. Nothing less than a Grand slam! I have been fortunate to have worked along with future champions quite often at younger ages. In my teens I performed with Tony Dow aka Tony Krank who would invent and build Krank Amplifiers to be one of the best guitar amps available today. I performed with Bassist Duane Hollis in the late 80s who would go on to record several albums and tour Europe, and is still active as a pro musician today. In 1990 it was James Gunn and the PODs that would launch James into becoming a well known film director. My personal trainer and nutritionist in 2010 for the Guinness Marathon Drumming event Robb Wolf would go on to write a New York Times best seller book about Paleo Dieting. These are just a few.


It is no mistake that the best bands or projects I was involved with in the past have one thing in common; they were loaded with talent across the board. Therefore, the lesson is as follows: If you want to be a champion, you must surround yourself with other like minded champions. You can't phone in an effort. You can't expect someone else to carry the load. You have to be as good as the team you desire to run with. You have to share a vision and goal. And if you all run your best at the same time, that is what equals success as a band.

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"Looking for an Answer is a song Bowie wishes he wrote!! Great songwriting and love the vocals on all the cuts!!"  — Fluffer (Band), ReverbNation
"Stopped in to see what all the excitement was about...and I found it! Your songs me and She". Very coool, really!"  — Peg O' Neal, ReverbNation
"Great voice work on "Me and She". The best. "  — Aira, ReverbNation

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