April 16, 2014
Story by Lou Mars


Lou Mars Band Special “Story Teller” and CD Release Party

The Lou Mars Band to perform a special “Story Teller” show and CD Release party Friday, April 25th, on the 'new' Otter Rock Cafe sound stage, located in Morro Bay California, 885 Embarcadero.

The 90 minute set will feature the most popular original selections from the Lou Mars song catalog, along with NEW material from his 4th and latest CD Release “4NO1” (but u). The set will also include selected covers taken from the Lou Mars Guinness Marathon Drumming World Record documentary “Beat 5.” The Otter Rock show will provide an intimate setting for Lou Mars to reveal the back-story behind his most popular songs.

The Lou Mars Band is Jonal Clauff (Guitar Vocals), David Chock (Bass, Vocals), and Lou Mars (Drums, Synth, Vocals).

Professional musician, recording artist and author; Lou Mars, career spans over 30 years. Mars drumming was featured in the 'Dixon Drum Your Way to Hollywood' televised special which aired on the Comcast on demand A&R Channel in 2008. The program was edited and reissued by Dixon in 2010 with Mars as the featured artist titled “How to be a Great Drummer.” Mars also appeared in the Warner Brothers recording artist Sharon MaRee music video "The Way You Love Me" which received heavy rotation on the GMC channel in 2009. In 2010 Mars performed for 5 days straight for the Guinness Book World Record Marathon Drumming category, a total of 108.5 hours to place himself as one of only four drummers world-wide to ever play beyond 100 consecutive hours, and the second longest drum performance ever recorded, at the time of the event.

After a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2011, Mars bounced back by writing, composing and performing all of the instruments (many from a wheel chair) for three CD releases “Broken, Phoenix Ashes, and Reflect.” produced from 2011 thru 2013. On April 04, 2014 Lou released his 4th CD titled 4NO1 (but u). The Lou Mars song catalog is written as a soundtrack to support his upcoming book release titled “Beat Alive” due out in 2014.

Although Mars performs “all' of the instruments on his recordings, his hand selected band performs the songs live under the Lou Mars Band branding.
Find more from the Lou Mars Band at: http://loumarsofficial.com

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April 14, 2014
Story by Lou Mars

Lou Mars Band
The Otter Rock
Lou Mars Band
Morro Bay, CA
Don't Miss this Special 90 Minute "Story Teller" Performance featuring the 'Best Of' Lou Mars Song Catalog; and "4NO1" (but u) CD Release celebration party LIVE at The Otter Rock 885 Embarcadero in Morro Bay California (805) 772-1420.  

Show starts at 8:30 PM. (Limited Seating) Friday, April 25th, 2014


More from Lou Mars Band at: http://loumarsofficial.com

Lou Mars Band
Events Schedule:
4NO1 (but u)
Fri Apr 25 14 Morro Bay, CA The Otter Rock Tickets
Sat Apr 26 14 San Miguel, CA The Ranch  
Fri May 09 14 Chico, CA Lost on Main  
"Great song, good introduction. Awesome lyrics and vocal sound. I love it. There's so many good elements in it I don't even know where to start. The guitar tone is good...The bass is good. Good psychedelic break. I think this song might be the best song from this artist..."  — Crowd Review, Reverbnation
"This track has all the best qualities one likes to listen to. A likable male lead singer with good lyrics. A really good band with a dynamic sound. Very good and well thought-out verses. The chorus is super catchy and the quality is professional. I believe the group has a boat load of potential and I would consider this band a diamond in the rough. Good track here."  — RN Crowd Review, ReverbNation
"The beginning of the song has a really nice beat with the drums and guitar and I really like the singer's voice! Definitely a great song and has great potential to be a hit! The singer's voice is very unique and has a special draw to it. I like the chorus as well because it has a good beat and is very catchy. I also like the guitar playing in the background it definitely gives the song some extra zest. This is a very talented singer and definitely has the potential to be very successful in the music industry!!"  — RN Crowd Review, ReverbNation

April 4, 2014
Story by Lou Mars

NEW ALBUM: 4NO1 (but u) http://rvrb.fm/1lGomvo

Lou Mars Band

New Album: 4NO1 (but U)

▶ Click here to play album

April 03, 2014
Story by Lou Mars

Throwback Thursday: Aug 30, 2009

Lou Mars Drumming featured in the Warner Bros recording artist Sharon MaRee music video

April 01, 2014
Story by Lou Mars

Rehearsal for the Live Show Set List— with Jonal Clauff, Lou Mars and David Chock at Zita's Recording Studio.


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